New Internship Programme

"Employment pathways to the future"

"Employment pathways to the future"

Waikato Aviation’s internship programme is designed to prepare graduates of the New Zealand Diploma in Aviation Instructor Stream with on job training in a mentored environment.

Interns are directly supervised by a senior instructor. The senior instructor will mentor and support the intern helping them to develop their instructional skills both in the classroom and in the aircraft.

The internship programme will give the graduate 6 months direct supervision. This will enable the intern to be better positioned and work ready when applying for employment on completion of the programme.

The programme will include all components of Flight instruction; delivering pre-flight briefs, flying lessons, post-flight debriefs, teaching in the classroom, aircraft cleaning and maintenance, administration work and other tasks related to the operation of a successful aviation organisation.

Key outcomes of the internship will be; Customer service focus, the ability to work in a team environment, time management, to interact with peoples from the flight academy and community, to interact with peoples from all cultures and backgrounds.

The programme will be 6 months in length during which the intern will be paid for time worked in the classroom and in the aircraft.

To be successful in gaining a place on the internship programme, graduates will have demonstrated an above average standard during their training programme. Graduates need to apply and meet certain criteria based on performance and suitability.