Junior Flying Champ

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Junior Flying Champion

Cambridge’s Zac Williams has taken out Waikato Aviation’s Junior Champion title for 2017.

Competing at Waikato Aviation’s Aviators’ Club’s annual flying competition, Williams gained six first places over two days of contests to land the Foote Cup.

Designed to replicate actual flying situations, the competition tests pilots' specific skills throughout  circuits, landings, flying with, and without, instruments and simulated forced landings without engine power.  Circuits require precise landing skills as pilots attempt to land on a target within a grid.

Williams grew up in Auckland and would spend weekends watching the planes land at Auckland airport with his grandmother.  It sparked his interest in flying.

“Humans weren’t made to fly so it’s a massive thrill to be up in the air,” said Williams.

Williams is a member of the Vantage Windows and Doors National Sprint Cycling Team and  has been flight training part time with Waikato Aviation since 2015.  He recently gained his Private Pilot Licence.

“There will come a time when professional cycling is not an option and that is when my flying career will kick in,” said Williams.  “In the meantime I will keep cycling and in my spare time work towards my Commercial Pilot Licence.”

Williams is currently doing night flying training.