Gift Vouchers

We get to see it often, its always the same. The smile after that first flight is priceless.

Giving someone the experience of flight is so much more than just a day out. Firstly its the excitement of something new, an experience that can’t be had everyday. Then there’s the buzz of taking off, climbing in to the unknown, looking down and realising that the world really is beneath your feet, anything is possible. 

The flight passes quickly and its time to land. The memory is made. Its stays forever. Most pilot’s vividly remember that first flight. Often a voucher was given on a special birthday or to mark a special occasion or achievement. A day to experience flight with a qualified instructor down at the local aviation centre. Its amazing the detail that stays in the mind and the stories that, just like fishing, grow better every year. 

Some Flight Experience customers come straight to mind, we've had a youngster aged 6 and propped up on a big cushion take control while a nervous parent, white knuckled in the back seat, watched in awe. And we’ve had a 95 year old fulfilling a long held dream and piloting his aircraft over the city, totally chuffed to be able to see his home from a new perspective.

Our vouchers are easy to purchase following the gift voucher link, simply decided on the package you want to gift, customise the voucher to include the name of the recipient and download the certificate. 

If you’re looking for a unique gift, gift the experience of flight.