Basic equipment cost

Medical Certificate (estimated) $600
AIP Volume 4 (estimated) $135
Navigation Computer $60
Nautical-mile ruler $7.20
PPL exam textbook set
(estimate only)
Theory night class fee
(all PPL subjects)
Landing fees
(estimate only)
Cross-country flight plans etc
(estimate only)

Flying and other costs

Quan Cost Total
Exam sittings 6 $87 $522
Dual flight hours
(estimate only)
35 $338 $11,830
Solo flight hours
(estimate only)
15 $280 $4,200
PPL flight test
(estimate only)
1.5 $338 $507
PPL flight test fee
(estimate only)
1 $425 $425

Total PPL estimate

Based on 50 hours total time:   $20,000 approx

Because we are an aero club, you are free to pay as you go, or in lump sums to make applicable. Many people complete their PPLs over time, flying as often as they can afford. Flying is at your convenience.
This estimate is based on 50 hours total time. This is the minimum requirement realistically it varies up to 65-70 hours. However, because flying is competency-based, total cost may vary. All prices are subject to change without notice, include New Zealand Goods and Services Tax and are in New Zealand dollars.