Alpha 160A.jpg

Alpha 160A

The A160a is our basic trainer. Being fully aerobatic these aircraft are ideal for all stages of flight training including unusual attitudes and spin recovery. A perfect option for those keen to learn Aerobatics.


Cessna 172 (C172)

A popular 4 seat aircraft. A good aircraft to learn to fly in and to take friends and family on scenic flights. Our Cessna 172R ‘WAM’ is powered by a 180bhp engine.

piper archer.jpg

Piper Archer (Pa28)

The Piper Archer is comfortable and quick - ideal for cross country flying. Our Archer III has a glass screen and is fully kitted for IFR flying and this makes it ideal for initial training towards the instrument rating.

piper twin.jpg


The DA42 is our primary multi-engine trainer. It has an Intergrated Garmin G1000 flight deck. The DA42 is a diesel twin engine, retractable undercarriage, 4 seat aircraft, cruising speed 145 kts. The performance, stability, handling characteristics and ease of operation of the DA42 make it an easy transition from single to twin.


Flight Simulator (AT21)

Our sim is competitively priced, simulating a range of aircraft from Cessna 182 to Beechcraft King Air. The flight sim provides an affordable and convenient way to gain and maintain Instrument Ratings. Two thirds of tri-monthly currency requirements can be fulfilled in the simulator.