Alpha 160A.jpg

Alpha 160A

The A160a is our basic trainer. Being fully aerobatic these aircraft are ideal for all stages of flight training including unusual attitudes and spin recovery. A perfect option for those keen to learn Aerobatics.


Cessna 172 (C172)

A popular 4 seat aircraft. A good aircraft to learn to fly in and to take friends and family on scenic flights. Our Cessna 172R ‘WAM’ is powered by a 180bhp engine.

piper archer.jpg

Piper Archer (Pa28)

The Piper Archer is comfortable and quick - ideal for cross country flying. Our Archer III has a glass screen and is fully kitted for IFR flying and this makes it ideal for initial training towards the instrument rating.

piper twin.jpg

Piper Twin Comanche (PA30)

Our primary multi-engine trainer. Fully IFR. Four seats. Long-range fuel tanks. The Twin Comanche has modern avionics with Aspen Glass panels and integrated Garmin GPS and meets PBN requirements


Flight Simulator (AT21)

Our sim is competitively priced, simulating a range of aircraft from Cessna 182 to Beechcraft King Air. The flight sim provides an affordable and convenient way to gain and maintain Instrument Ratings. Two thirds of tri-monthly currency requirements can be fulfilled in the simulator.