Aircraft rates



Alpha 160A                                                     Cessna 172R (180bhp)                  

Cessna 172M (180bhp)                      
Piper Cherokee Archer II                 (estimate only)

Piper Cherokee Archer III      
Piper Twin Comanche                         
AT-21 Simulator                             


Solo         Dual
$244         $279

$265         $300

$265         $300

$265         $300

$265        $300

$515         $550

$112          N/A




Instructors' fees are included in the dual aircraft rates. Briefings and ground sessions not associated with a dual aircraft hire are $35 per hour for members, and a $50 hourly rate applies to non-members.


Pilot Supplies

The Waikato Aero Club sells a range of essential pilot supplies including navigation computers, maps and headsets. Please ask us for current pricing and stocks.

Aviation fuel

We sell aviation fuel for off-road use only. 



*Rates current as at 10/04/2016

Hamilton Airport's fees and Airways fees total $16.60 per flight to Waikato Aero Club members, plus an addition of $8.35 per additional landings carried out.


You can also view our Private Pilot License estimate and the pricing concerning our other services.

Lump sum discounts

If you prefer to pay for your flying by crediting lump sums, a 5% discount applies to payments over $5,000 and a 2.5% discount applies to those over $1,000.